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My name is Tudorița and I am a textile artist. I started working about 4 years ago, and since then I have been playing with threads and textures. I like to work with natural materials and recycle all kinds of fabrics.


 I take my inspiration from music and immortal stories, nature, dreams, contemporaneity. I like plants, candlesticks, candles, everything that has to do with water and fish, the smell of fire on the stove and the smell of baked eggplant.


 I live and work in Bucharest, where I also have a small workspace, which makes you think of a house in the deep heart of the forest.

What I do



   A tangle between reality and fantasy.


Title: Bizzaring 131

Time: 4:43


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I will try to publish once every two weeks and those who want to receive the information by e-mail can subscribe directly to the newsletter.

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Gertrude by Hermann Hesse


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