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Tuesday - aggressiveness

Angaru comes from Mars. It is said that he comes from flowers because Juno caressed her womb with a wildflower and became pregnant. He wears a crimson robe, has a metallic smell, and when he walks, his footprints are left on the ground. At birth, Errre gave him the aggressiveness with which he always juggles.


Size:  10x15cm



There will be a series of characters, each with its symbol and value, who will tell stories and reveal themselves, increasing, decreasing, and changing along the way.

They are all related to water.


Being made individually, the characters can be slightly different from card to card. The recycled paper that I used has coffee grounds, and the designs are hand drawn in ink on textile material. Because I used manual paper, its size may vary; if you want to frame the postcard, it will need small adjustments.

Each postcard is signed and numbered.



* the embroidery version is made on normal handmade paper and is sewn by hand



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